The Three Lions.

Every time the three lions walk out onto the pitch, there is always a mixed reaction from the crowd. On one part, there is the sense of pride of seeing your team walk out there. On the other hand there is the grave reality that may hit you at the end of the 90 minutes. The solitary Gold Star above the Crest on the jersey is literally the only success England has to show for it. Ever since winning the World Cup in 1966, The English team has never won any tournament. The most recent being the 2014 world cup. With 0 wins, 1 point and two goals, England yet again bowed out of another prestigious tournament.
Prior to the exit, the English Media had as usual hyped situations. It definitely started with the squad selection. After a successful season for English players, the media had hyped the likes of Barkley, Lallana and so forth. Its safe to say the media chose Hodgson’s 23 man list. And after a few weeks, they turned his back on him and crucified his choice of players. The expectations were high despite the feverish hype being so familiar.
One of the main reasons for the dismal performance of England boils down to the players. There is a major lack of English players plying their trade in the high-end side of the league.
Carroll cost England £20m, Shaw cost United £37m. These are just a tip of the iceberg. It shows you how much you have to shelve for English “talent”. This seems too much for clubs and shipping in talent seems like a more viable option.
According to the latest statistics, only 32% of the players in EPL are actually English! 32%? How is it still called the ‘English’ Premier League?! This is in stark contrast to the likes of Brazil whose players comprise 93% of their players. The Spanish league comprises 77% Spanish players. The Bundesliga is also made up of 55% German players. There’s no denying that the EPL is a fantastic league but at the end of the day(or the season) it is very bad for the national team.
The standard of English players is also not quite good enough. In 2013, the English teams participating in the Champions League had only 19% of their players as English. And these numbers keep dwindling as the seasons go by.
There is also the issue of the right man for the job. Capello’s appointment was hailed by all but after being outplayed by Algeria in the 2010 World Cup, they questioned whether he was the right man for the job. It wasn’t long before the he resigned.
Despite Harry Redknapp being touted as the next, Hodgson somehow got the job. He started well but come the World Cup, it was an all but familiar thing.
I have always doubted whether Hodgson was the right man. His tactics have always seemed typical English. Too much emphasis on wing playa and relying on counters. The essence of total football is the way to go a d this demands total comfort on the ball and the essence of an idea of what to do with it. Not many English players seem capable of this and Roy isn’t doing anything to help the situation either.
During the world cup, he made key mistakes. One of then was centre back partnership. He relied on a Cahill-Jagielka. Jagielka is a right centre back but he was forced to play in an Unfamiliar Left sided defence. This confusion was exposed against Uruguay when neither of them didn’t know who was to pick up Suarez.
He also chose to pay heavy attention to the youth. I have no qualms with this as the team needed fresh blood. However hoe choice was a bit peculiar. For one, Barkley seemed clueless on the pitch, notwithstanding the meagre play time he received. He was good at running around but didn’t have an idea of what to do with the ball. What’s the point of running 40 yards with the ball then stopping outside the opposition box, no idea of what to do?
For the time being, Roy will still remain manager. Beyond Euro 2016, only the FA knows. What is of great importance is for England to be elevated back to the realms of greatness in the pool of global football.


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