Derby? What Derby? ?

The gulf in class between the two sides yester evening was astonishing for the neutrals(read critics) but for anyone who has been keeping tabs on the boys in red, the result was exactly what was expected, for me at least.
With 14 out of a possible 16 home wins, United’s stature as the best home team in the league was further highlighted. The man with the philosophy has once again gifted us a result that no doubt proves the turn around the team has exhibited for the past six games.
58% possession, 297 first half passes against a measly 155 for the noisy neighbours just tells a pinch of the story.
There is no denying that Pellegrini came with a solid game plan. His decision to play Silva out wide and place Milner right behind Aguero seemed peculiar as Silva is better than that central position. Five minutes into the game, it was clear what Milner’s job was: shadow Carrick. It’s not secret that United’s resurgence happens to fall around the same time as Carrick’s return. His ability to cover the back four is exceptional and his incisive forward passes grant us an extra attack avenue. He brings a certain calm to the team. With Carrick’s [lack of] involvement, United never had control of the midfield and six minutes in, bang! The story of Aguero V MUFC still continued.
With United play attacking football, Milner committed a stupid challenge which earned him a yellow card. With the risk of a second yellow, Milner was forced back out wide and it was at this point that City lost the battle of the midfield. With united playing a high line Fella doing a good job of shadowing Toure, any pass instigated by the Ivorian was comfortably dealt with by our sweeper keeper.
The other talking point is Young and Fella! 2015 certainly belongs to these two lads. Their form has certainly been instrumental with Young earning us three points singlehandedly at one time while Fella’s role as a shadower has crippled numerous midfields this year.
There is also a triangle type of play that United are playing on the left side of the pitch that is causing havoc to everyone. Of late, Fella, Blind and Young have been doing such a great job. Fellaini has caused problems with his knockdowns taking out fullbacks while also gifting Young the space to make a run for it. One man who was certainly relieved to hear the final whistle was Zabaleta as the nightmare of dealing with Young’s trickery and Fella’s height was over.
The usual suspects; Mata and Herrera were splendid as usual, with the latter producing a superb display on an evening where many expected his lack of strength to cancel his output in the tie. Mata was once again pivotal and his goal was another feather to the Spaniard’s cap.
Against Chelsea, we will be required to produce our best yet again if at all we want to regain recognition. Fellaini will once again be tasked with the job of shadowing Fabregas, a job he did exceptionally well in the first leg. We are yet to receive word on Carrick’s injury but The absence of the English international will be a big blow. Our back four will also have to be awesome against the likes of Hazard & Co.
For now though, and as it has always been, MANCHESTER IS RED!!


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