Seeing Blue

The worst league defeat this season. Sunday was an afternoon to forget. It was a game that United lost fair and square. There was no case against any of the goals.

It was another case of dominant possession without anything to show for it. United had 63% possession but with only just three shots on target. United lacked the cutting edge in the game. There were numerous times when he had the toffees pegged in their own box but we couldn’t get passed them.

Everton’s back four shouldn’t be devoid of praise. Baines, Stones, Jagielka and Coleman were superb. Baines put Mata under his watch. The Spaniard was nowhere to be seen unless he was attempting to break down the middle. Everton had a fixed game play and they implemented it to perfection. Just like Chelsea, Everton were quite happy to sit back and let United do what they do; possess. They were patient and when we lost possession,they were devastating. They hit us with the first chance they got, again just like Chelsea. Its at this point that Carragher’s words echo.

It looks like teams have figured United out. Everybody knows United play to their strength(possession). So why not let them have it then hit them on the counter. After all, isn’t it said he who has the ball will make a mistake?

Van Gaal chose youth over experience in giving McNair the nod over Evans. The price was paid for that choice as the young Irish failed to make the vital tackle to stop McCarthy. If Jonesy and Rojo are not fit by the weekend, LVG should consider bringing Evans back into the fold.

It was always gonna be a tough match for Fellaini. His return to Goodison was going to be hard. What seemed evident was that Fella didn’t have the mental strength to Face his former team or his former fans. A first half booking shows how frustrated he was. Two late challenges were responsible for this. Fellaini is the kind of player who is very effective against a team with open play. He will make the necessary runs and give defences havoc. He will also have space in the box to put his height to good use. However against a compact defending team, Fella is useless. Its not as though he is the most clinical guy with incisive passes. He is simply a one-play type of person.

Carrick’s importance in the team has again come into play. Two losses on the trot without the English shows how dire the situation is. Manchester United win ratio in the Premier League this season with Michael Carrick has been 72.2% and without: 37.5%. Blind has been the deputy much in his absence but he doesn’t do such a good job. A backup to Carrick should definitely be acquired in,the summer. Reports of Gundogan’s impending signing will definitely be welcomed.

There’s no denying that the loss literally opened the doors on our top four competitors. We will need to win all our remaining games so as to finish as high as possible. First, to increase the gap against our competitors and second, to avoid a champions league playoff. With the new UEFA seeding, we will have a very tough road. Back on track United!



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