What is it with this blog and United results? The parting shot for last week’s post was a fourth time lucky maybe. And it did happen! Now I don’t have to be negative.

On a lovely Sunday afternoon in London, United were playing some possessive but direct football and Blind pulled a smart save from Speroni early on. United hassled the opposition when off the ball very well and its for this reason  that Delaney had a pass completion of 31%.

LVG still termed it our worst performance but he was happy with the result. He seems to be getting the “football is a result business” part. But there are still some bad aspects in our game. We have now failed to keep a clean sheet in seven consecutive games. This still highlights our need for another defensive cover. Jonesy had to shift to fullback,a position  foreign to him but he did quite well against Zaha and Co.

ASHLEY YOUNG. That was how I would describe United’s second half of the season in two words. To say he has been brilliant is an understatement. Phenomenal perhaps? The English man has managed four assists since his return from injury. This is as much as what he achieved in his past two seasons combined! Against Palace, he was also in scintillating form. His cross was also what led to the penalty. In all fairness, Scott Dann did lean into the ball instead of moving with his body.  Definite penalty for me.

Penalty or Nah?

This was also a game that  Joel Ward would want to forget. The Fullback was beaten all ends up by Ashley Young. Time and time again Young sent him shopping instead of defending. It was almost embarrassing to watch. After matches like those, you know nightmares are real. 18 is a number he will never forget because all through the match, that’s the only thing he saw.

Think You can tone it down bro?
Think You can tone it down bro?

The tall problem called Fellaini! A good number of people who pushed for this post have cast a keen eye to what I’ll say about the Belgian. Yes I will admit that he did prove me wrong,although it took him three games to do this. Fellaini was instrumental in the win as he kept the defenders busy and when they switched off, that’s when he pounced.

The thing with Fellaini, he just needs one chance. That two second lapse in concentration where the defenders fails to track him. That’s when he strikes. Not to take any credit from the Belgian. Five of his six goals this season have put us ahead in the match; Manchester City, QPR, Palace and Spurs. He is also our top scorer in 2015 with his five goals. Thank You Fella!!

Red Hot Fella!
Red Hot Fella!

It has to be said the conceded goal  was shoddy. It was the first time we had conceded a goal from a direct free kick since March 2014. The wall clearly didn’t do its job. Daley Blind was a disgrace. It has to be said. First of all, the whole wall didn’t jump. To make it worse, Blind’s height allowed Puncheon to just clip it above his head. Its his reaction that astounded me. Did he duck? And lift a hand as cover? What the hell was he doing???!! If you are in the wall, you tuck in and take it in the face or otherwise. Seeing replays, I’m sure De Gea will be absolutely livid!!

Is he ducking?
Is he ducking?

United’s last man: David De Gea. This lad! Thierry Henry suggested he should have won the PFA award. However that is an argument for another day. The Spaniard again showed up and did what he’s been doing all through, dragging us almost singlehandedly to the champions league. The United defence has committed 29 errors but only three have led to goals. And there is only one man to thank. His one-handed save to deny Murray was astonishing! Murray must have wondered how that was kept out. It’s another week again when we have to beg DDG to sign a contract extension. It’s certainly a tricky matter. But the lad should remember how the United faithful and three managers were very patient with him. Filling Van Der Saar’s boots was never going to be easy. Brought in at a tender age by SAF, not many people thought he would do it as his debut season was filled with horrific mistakes. However, four years on, the next name people are mentioning after Manuel Neuer is David De Gea. Surely, doesn’t he owe us a bit of loyalty?

Cometh the hour
Cometh the hour

Next game is Arsenal at Old Trafford, after our recent defeat I’m cautious about boasting of a home advantage. I however hope that it being a match between rivals, the players will certainly show up. Rooney and Shaw’s injuries aren’t that serious and they should be fit for the clash which is a big boost for us.  Bring on THE ARSENAL!!

*Pictures courtesy of getty images.

*stats courtesy of OptaJoe


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