Half-Full Half-empty

After 22 games, Manchester United’s league position reads; 22 games, 11 wins, 8 draws and 3 losses. 33 goals scored and 21 goals conceded, on 41 points and 4 points off a Champions league place.  The stark statistic is definitely the 8 draws that United has had. At first glance it doesn’t seem so bad for a mid-season read but when you consider the fact we have been in 6th position for over a month, then it makes for a weird feeling.

There’s no question that United under Mourinho are obviously so much better than in recent times but it seems the good performances have not fairly reflected in terms of results. United are now unbeaten in 13 premier league games which highlights our growth in terms of quality. However some reporters are referring to it as the most underwhelming unbeaten run since Brendan Rodgers’ 11 game unbeaten run some time back (Ouch!). United are ranked 3rd in terms of shots on target per game, just behind Liverpool and Spurs. However their conversion rate seems to leave a lot to be desired. Against stoke it was one such cameo where we had 25 shots on target as compared to Stoke’s 7. However all that was there to show was the drab 1-1 draw at the Bet365. The examples go on and on.. the 1-1 draw against Stoke, the draw against Arsenal and the Old Trafford blank against Burnley, bar Heaton’s performance.

When Heaton turned into an Octopus

So why are united not scoring goals?  The obvious pointer would be the (over) reliance on Zlatan. The nexus between Zlat’s lackluster form and United’s inability to score during those times is anything but chalk and cheese. It’s just too telling. Credit to the big swede for coming on and bossing the league from the word go. His performances so far show his caliber and the quality of cloth that he has been cut from as far as the best finishers in Europe are concerned. His current return of 14 goals is nothing short of extraordinary considering his age. His fitness is also outrageous as he is yet to miss a single PL game through injury and has completed all games that he has started. If you take into consideration the fact that he is 35, then that statue can’t come soon enough eh? The next 3 united scorers have a combined goal total of 11 which again shows the Swede’s poaching ability.


However take away his goals and Zlatan sometimes he starts to look like somewhat of a liability. His movement is labored and outside the box his pass in the final third is wanting. His frustrations at not being able to score rubs off on the rest of the team and suddenly the whole squad is fidgety.


It is at this point that Rooney was supposed to come in and aid in goals. However this has not happened and his paltry return of 5 goals so far is a disappointment. We knew he was on the decline but not this much man. But take nothing away from his landmark goal last weekend (others will go into the argument of whether it was a cross or he was actually going for the far post). I am guilty of judging players in the now but Rooney’s record demands you go back and look at his achievements in the past 15 years of playing top level football and his record is astonishing. His goals were instinctive and spectacular. Well done Wayne. With Mourinho refusing to protect the future of his captain beyond the summer and with him playing second fiddle, perhaps the MLS would be a decent way to go off.


In terms of goals scored, we are 10 goals behind the next team in the top six. This has to change. More players need to take their chances and not just float the ball to the wings to fullbacks who are not trustworthy in terms of crosses.

United are also averaging a 55% possession. This is  no surprise considering the manager. His area of specialty is on the counter and with speedsters such  as Martial and Rashford we can see why he prefers the system as the pace and trickery of the two can get them past most PL full backs with ease. With Ibra hanging up the other end of the pitch, it looks like a solid plan. his treatment of Martial in terms of not even naming him on the bench against Stoke set tongues wagging. Let’s be real though. Stoke wasn’t Martial’s game, in terms of physicality. Mourinho has been known for his tough love character and the last time he tried that it has worked brilliantly with Micki. He also applied the same with Benzema and when the Frenchman came back, he was firing on all cylinders.. de ja vu maybe? Trust the Man.

However we have only won 48% of our aerial duels. At the start of the season, the fact that  we had players like Ibra, Pogba, Jones, Smalling, Bailly, Fella *sic* was supposed to be the return of days past, the days when we bossed them due to our physicality but it seems this is just not happening. We just don’t seem aggressive enough when going for the aerial balls and in a league when winning the second ball is just as important as the first it seems more needs to be done in that department; both defensively and offensively. We have only scored 7 goals from set pieces and with players like Mata, Micki and Herrera whipping in those balls; surely more needs to be done.

Its very unlikely that we are going to get any new player in before the Tuesday deadline but with no new injury concerns, our current squad is more than capable of making us compete on all four competitions. A silverware and possibly a champions league place would be a satisfactory season for Jose. Best part about this is we can still say it’s  his rebuilding season.

it’s difficult to attach one word to our performances so far. The proponents will point towards the addition of quality in the team and the fact that we are actually (almost) playing the united way. The opponents will claim the good performances are not translating to results and the fact that this is a result business so good performances don’t matter. They will also mention fact that apart from Spurs we are yet to claim a major top 6 side scalp.

It also depends with what way you want to view the glass.


Side bar; (late) Happy Birthday Jose!





The Poisoned Chalice 

The concept of  a hero has always been simple right? Do the job, get the glory, get the girl and ride off into the sunset. With the England job, it’s never been that straightforward. Many quarters have referred to it as the ultimate job for any Englishman.  The pressure that comes with the job is unreal. The expectations are often set too high and the media always seems to have an input in everything, especially who should play and who should not. It’s a vicious way of life. After Allardyce’s disgraceful exit months back, the need for a replacement, albeit short term, quickly took precedence.  The pool to choose from was not particularly brimming so the one person that was on everybody’s mind was finally said out loud; GARETH SOUTHGATE. The man who a few months had rejected the job stating he was not ready and his failures in the first team might tarnish the rest of his (bright) career. There was a mixed reaction to this. What would happen now? Would he reject the job again? The FA, being one of the most predictable associations I know went ahead and offered Southgate the job but there was a catch. The four upcoming games were essentially his interview. His performance against Malta, Slovenia, Scotland and Spain would be taken into consideration about whether to offer him the job.

Thank God he accepted the job. But you have to question what changed all of a sudden. It was just about a month. Where did he suddenly get the feel that he was now ready? His first act was to meet with Rooney and assure him that he would remain his captain despite not starting for Man United in three games. Southgate has never shied away from anything and his honest and confrontational nature has probably got him where he is right now. “I am not too nice to be England manager” was among the first thing he said as he settled down for his interim press conference. He also made it clear that Rooney would not have the freedom he had been granted by his predecessor. ‘’He knows what’s best for the team and he can therefore play WHEREVER HE WANTS.’’ These words are going to haunt Sam Allardyce forever. How could he say such a thing? One might deduce that Rooney was being given preferential treatment by his manager. ‘carte blanche’ remarks, as referred to by the guardian.

With that declaration, Southgate was putting his foot down. He appreciated Rooney’s efforts for the game against Malta but stated he had the courage to drop Rooney. He followed this up by dropping him for the game against Slovenia.  Why everyone was shocked I don’t know. Rooney has always been the focus of criticism in international colors. Perhaps they couldn’t believe that he was finally being set aside. It’s hard to trace the last time in his 13 year international career that Rooney was benched yet he was fit. What was coming out was that Southgate was not too nice after all. He had an idea of how his team should play and was determined to tread that path.


Southgate has always been a big fan of a possession based style of play. He wants his players to think two moves ahead before even receiving the ball. One only needs to look at Alli’s movements – the typical Southgate type of player, who has started Southgate’s last two games in charge- to know what the man stands for. As such, he encourages his players to be prospective thinkers. Midfielders should always look up at which forward is free and the forwards should be looking to create the space to receive the pass. A very intricate style of play. Back to Rooney, his deployment to midfield by his various managers has been in part due to his ability to hit the cross balls. Gorgeous balls to say the least but often done under little or no pressure thereby making it an easy task, that’s using Mourinho’s sentiments.

Rooney has lost a considerable part of his attacking instincts. His pace is off, he’s lost his magical first touch and the game against Watford was nothing short of criminal. Due to adaptation, most of the balls he distributes are either back passes, diagonal balls or horizontal balls. Meanwhile the Southgate type of player is running forward anticipating a forward pass. Against Malta, dozens of runs actually went to waste and led to frustrations from Rooney’s teammates. It was only fair for him to be replaced and in his place Eric Dier, a very bright player and England’s next captain. Yes, I said it.


The Slovenia game ended in a stalemate and Southgate didn’t mince his words stating that he had inherited ‘a mess’. Finally England had a manager who had no grey areas; just black and white. After a few hours, of course at the behest of the Football Association he was forced to clarify what the word mess meant but the dice has already been cast.

His next two games are quite difficult. A qualifier against Scotland on Friday. A game that is already frothing and on the verge of an emotional outburst due to the history of the two countries and a friendly against Spain four days later.  Bar recent performances, Spain is still way above England and are one of the best passing teams right now. The inclusion of players like Isco, Vasquez and Nolito into the team are also changing the dynamic nature of the Spanish team with the injection of pace. These two games are hardly the right environment for Southgate to flex his tactical muscles. A lot of quarters feel he will approach this one from a conservative point of view but then again Southgate is ‘ballsy’ than people think.


He has stated that Rooney will captain the side tonight as he has the sharpness and confidence as compared to last time. This is definitely true as his performances in the last two games have been above average to say the least. At the University of Derby last week in a lecture provided by Gareth Southgate aptly covered by the Guardian, he stated that the best way to handle players is to be honest with them so as to get the best out of them. Looking at his track record, its easy to see why this scenario has worked for him. From his Middlesbrough days when he had to let former teammates go so that the team could move forward to his handling of the U21 s and his honest view as regards players, most notably his open criticism of Loftus Cheek when the U21s crashed out of the European championship.

roo sou.jpg

It remains to be seen what Southgate will conjure up. The FA chairman came out and stated these two performances won’t be used to judge Southgate’s ability. Perhaps he’s just trying to get the caretaker to take it easy or he is simply deflecting the intensity of the media on the 46 year old. He will have to come out and prepare his team from the obvious pressure once they step onto the field. England V Scotland has always been the go-to game and this looks to be a classic. England will have to approach the game with a cool head. I get the feeling a good number of young players will be fielded tonight so they have to embrace the intensity that comes with the game. a true test of character. An early goal for the visitors or a sudden rush of blood to the head and Southgate’s style of play may actually go out the window.

All in all Southgate is the man for the job. I’ve repeated this line for over a year now. Feel free to type in a better candidate in the comments section. See you on the other side Gareth Southgate.


And Then There Was Blue

October 23rd 2016. Chelsea V Man United was obviously the standout fixture this early in the campaign. “You cannot delete me from Chelsea’s history.” said a defiant Mourinho. But for United fans, you want to know what the best part of yesterday’s game was? The buildup. With the amazing previews being aired all round, united fans were actually given hope. We were made to believe that for a brief second, we were actually as good as Chelsea. That we could go toe to toe with them never mind the fact that we were winless in seven games (now 8) at Stamford.
The touchy atmosphere was not made any easier by the mixed reaction when Mourinho first walked out. However there was nothing mixed about Chelsea’s performances with Cahill’s man made runway epitomizing the dominance. They were not holding back. A goal 30 seconds in, before any united player had even touched the ball, set the tone. José was definitely not ready. The defensive play was now out of the window. He simply had to go out. That was definitely going to be hard to do with someone like Fellaini in the middle of the pack. A labored midfielder who’s insistence on a first,second and third touch is up against a Chelsea midfield closing down the opposition in a flash.

look ma! no hands
look ma! no hands

The other factor coming into play is Zlatan Ibrahimović. The man has accomplished so much and what he has achieved in club football is nothing short of astonishing. However he seems to have hit a bit of a rut. In the last five premier league games he has as many goals as Assists: 0. He has 23 shots off target, 17 fouls and 2 yellows. The premier league seems to have finally stopped the ‘god to be’. He keeps drifting out of the box where he’s essentially more dangerous. He comes out to an already crowded midfield and 8 times out of 10 he will lose the ball. He needs to pull up his performances or they’ll be a very simple reason to drop him.
Pogba is also not an attacking midfielder and he failed to create any chance in the whole game. We get the whole price tag thing and that is something he has to live with. The banter boys are not going to go away until he actually starts to perform. And FFS man you don’t have to spin before you pass. He’s putting the whole team at risk. Certainly not worth that ridiculous amount. On the other hand, Kante had an 85% passing accuracy, 5 interceptions, 2 blocks and two chances created. Worth every penny. LEVELS
I’ve held this argument before where I’ve described Chelsea as our bogey team. How this keeps getting unnoticed I don’t know because if you look at the statistics, Chelsea have garnered 70 points from United. The next team is Arsenal with 50 point. Mind the difference. This is getting out of hand. Watch us struggle to get a point in the second leg. 0-0
The sore thumb in this scenario has to be United’s defence. Shambolic to say the least. “Mourinho termed it as incredible defensive mistakes. INCREDIBLE to be more precise. However if we are to expound this it would simply be Chris Smalling. He looked out of sorts yesterday but I wasn’t surprised. Smalling has always imploded on the big occasions. He played an active hand in all of Chelsea’s goals. He was definitely Chelsea’s most creative player bar hazard. He failed to deal with the seemingly harmless Marcos Alonso ball which Pedro beat Blind for pace and went past a hapless De Gea, lost his marker for Cahill’s second albeit a deflection, was ridiculously used as a De Gea blind for Hazard’s third and ultimately fell for Kante piece of trickery, not exactly such a flamboyant player and his left foot is the weaker one. What was Smalling thinking falling for that? Nothing it seems. After that performance perhaps life on the bench would have been eagerly waiting for him but an injury to Bailly sets Mourinho’s team even further back.

looks like hes trying to tackle with his eyes
looks like hes trying to tackle with his eyes

Bringing us to our final point; Mourinho. His character will now be tested as his first choice Centre back is now out injured. The games are still coming thick and fast so it remains to be seen if he will look towards Phil Jones or go for last season’s partnership. The Portuguese is also slowly but surely losing it. We knew there was a danger this might happen especially with Mourinho but I guess we didn’t see it coming this early. He started referring  to pundits as ‘football geniuses’. Terming himself a charitable man and if his antics were feeding the pundits’ families, why should he shy away from them. A move that didn’t go well with the British media. Recently he has looked a man devoid of confidence. One must wonder, is the pressure that comes with the united job finally catching up to him? His first press release he looked relaxed, confident and fresh. 8 games in and he looks worn out and shaggy, mumbling to his lonely self across the touchline. His expressions were captured each time Chelsea sunk a dagger deeper into United’s hearts and it was nothing short of disheartening

What’s happened to the Mourinho of ages? The man who would chew your head off for losing a ball let alone being responsible for a goal. He was quick in altering his tactics in real time as problems appeared. Yesterday he had his hands in his pocket, unmoved by Chelsea’s excellence/ United’s woefulness. Hands in his pocket, mumbling away and the occasional sip from his bottle and instructing the substitutes to warm up every ten minutes but did not make a substitution until half time.


Scenes after the fulltime whistle of him whispering into Conte’s ear didn’t make it any better and when quizzed, “You know me: I spoke to Conte, not to you I’m not the kind of guy to come here and share with you things I don’t want to share. What is between me and Antonio is for us … or up to him to talk if he wants to. That is his problem. I have no comment.”
These antics will certainly not help his quest for greatness and with a dispirited Man City and a dangerous Burnley on the way with Arsenal also on the horizon, Mourinho needs to do a clean-up of his act really quick… really fast.


What is Beautiful


You can feel it in the air. The air is thick. There’s a smog and it has two distinct shades; red and blue. But the colours haven’t merged. There’s a fine line between the two. Almost as if you are being told to choose a side. You’re either Red or Blue,  Devil or Citizen.

If the fact that this is being touted as the most expensive football match in terms of signings is not delicious enough, throw in the Mourinho and Pep factor and the explosion that ensues probably means you won’t have a kitchen left. I still hope this can be achieved.

I’ll stop the jabber. I’m going to let my friend Sam Mulei handle this one. He does a fantastic job I kid you not. Enjoy the read.


Celtic and Rangers meet in the top flight of Scottish football for the first time in four years and what should be grabbing attention of more than just the Scotts as a standout fixture at 11:30am U.K time will have a much reduced profile as it clashes with the Manchester derby coverage. ‘old’ firm derby indeed and with fresher things happening at Manchester I wouldn’t be surprised to find more than a few Scotts looking to the south of Britain.

Footballing Hollywood is now at the premier league and Jose takes up cast as the suave, sophisticated, slightly mischievous, elusive but supremely successful manager faces Guardiola another with his own unique repertoire, and like a finely choreographed performance at this point it’s all tied at the top with  both clubs at nine points. Next setting, Old Trafford.

From the appointment of both managers they basically put out their stalls and conducted their transfer business with a clear plan of how they wanted their teams to play and the signings that would get them going in that direction with Mourinho opting  to sign Eric Bailly who was part of La Liga’s second best defence last term, Paul Pogba, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and as typical of all Mourinho sides a leader who is his own reflection in the pitch a player who fights his battles on the ground and transmits his ideas to the rest of the team as Mourinho himself is relentlessly combative in nature. Zlatan was the ‘infield general’ solution this season.

Guardiola signed John stones,Ilkay Gundogan, Leroy Sane and Nolito, all players who have a deft first touch and good technique on the ball.  His tactics at times complex in nature and often thought of as being the sole defender of football as if only his style can be deemed legitimate. Isaiah Berlin once categorized great thinkers as hedgehogs and foxes, hedgehogs know one big thing, they know it deeply and use it to guide themselves, foxes know many things, what makes Guardiola so good is that he is by nature a hedgehog but in practise a fox and the two sides are constantly burning with creative tension, the ideal being  that ‘he who has the ball cannot concede. Models ingrained by Johan Cryuff that is the hedgehog in Guardiola, the one bit that never goes away. The fox is in his ability to manipulate tactics to his sides advantage already this season baffling pundits with his tactics pulling fullbacks in the inside to supplement the build up  while  the width of the team being supplied by the wingers who hug the touch-line.

Being a mixture of both he is uncompromising and stringent believing there is a way to football at the highest level and one must diligently strive to do play so and according to those principles. There is a belief we often share that whats  beautiful cannot put up enough resistance to last in a world that can be at times difficult and harsh, it may not be universally subscribed to but quite common in some cultures, in fact it seems we often cherish something for its aesthetic qualities because deeply we know it doesn’t have adequate defences to resist, that its lovely yet cannot stay for very long. Japanese cherry blossoms for example, landscapes painted on scrolls bleached by the sun. Football itself shares this bias and in the unresolved debate in its soul between romanticism and pragmatism there is a notion that the beautiful game simply isn’t robust enough to survive when faced with stern tests even aggression. Guardiola’s Barcelona proved all of this wrong. Bloody clasico’s but more often he got the win against Jose Mourinho which was achieved by mixing romanticism and pragmatism to produce a kind of aesthetic that is equal parts beauty and strength: a new kind of wonder all over again. Problems need solutions and Guardiola continues to find them and deal with the direction the football landscape is taking and that must be what he is trying to achieve with city hence his insistence on more possession, constantly bombarding the opposition back line with attacks giving them no time to recover, in effect punishing the supporters and viewers with pleasure , destruction of the opposition being the objective.

The man in charge of the other club in Manchester sees more gain in an assured result, rather than sizing up to a bigger opposition and getting flattened. One cannot argue he hasn’t won league titles in convincing displays, consider Chelsea 04-05, most goals scored and highest ever point tally recorded by a title-winning side, even his spell at Real Madrid brought similar accolades; 100 La Liga points. He does take an aggressive approach he wants to play well, to bedazzling, to make the fans proud by entertaining, to score goals, to concede less goals than the opponent, he wants the fans to be behind the team because in the last ten minutes they are chasing a result (somebody say hull city !) and he also wants the fans to be behind the team cause in the last ten minutes they are defending a result. Not one afraid to compromise however. premier league is a war of nutrition  however, starting off the season strongly going to the winter break with  good momentum at times dazzling with the play and as the situation gets harder and warmer during march and April while you lose players due to injury you have to know how to stay competitive get dodged  and  be difficult to beat, which is an art that the Portuguese has mastered and both experiences of the season should be ones to give satisfaction.

Man city will have to play without the services of Sergio Aguero and perhaps I feel that will demand too much from their style of play, I see the tempo dying off in their game at certain periods and Manchester united will impose themselves in the game start playing through Zlatan Ibrahimovic and I do fancy the Swede as my goal scorer this weekend. so as on that night at the Nou Camp where Mourinho sat almost motionless in the dugout as Barcelona comprehensively made way with the points and the people’s hearts in his first Liga BBVA clash with the Spaniard it is time for Guardiola to get to know just how intense this league is, who else better than Jose Mourinho to stop him from getting the next three points on offer. Point to note: the big Swede has won the league in every league he has played in  and quite actively participated in that achievement notable exception Guardiola’s Barcelona and as already seen from this season he has a massive role and I don’t quite fancy that being the same next season due to age and other dynamics, man united will also most likely be pursuing interests like Antoine Griezmann to lead the line. Man United Premier League champions 2016-2017? First the derby.

With that I reckon;

Man United 2 City 0


The Curious Case of The Deadline Day

As the big Ben of London chimed away, the numbers flashed across the screen. Over 1.1 billion has been spent by premier league clubs. Boggling to say the least. Trying to wrap your head around such a huge figure makes your head spin. From a moral point of view the plaudits for football at grassroots level will certainly come out holding the placards demanding for home grown players. What’s the purpose of premier league academies then when a minnow promoted club breaks its transfer record fee twice in a month? The championship was also not left behind as 215 million Euros was splashed by the second tier of English football, a record. Of course this was coming due to the TV deals that PL clubs have received. According to the premier league, 5.13bn has been pumped in. 126 games to be televised by Sky while 42 to be televised by BT. The average cost of showing per game would be 10.19m Euros. Jesus. But couldn’t this money be re invested anywhere? The only caveat was on wages .why not use the monies to review the ticketing system so as to allow more fans a chance to watch the games live? Just my thoughts though.
The stand out transfer was undoubtedly that of David Luiz. Flashing back to 2014 when he was penning his farewell letter when leaving Chelsea. Calling PSG a new challenge and a new stage. Well about two seasons later and a measly 8 goals, the geezer makes a sensational 32m return to his London club. First off, the fact that he was taken on deadline day speaks volumes about his priority. All summer they have been linked to Bonucci, Chiellini, and Koulibaly among others but they all turned down Chelsea’s offers. Luiz therefore comes in as their fourth choice defensive cover. He’s 29 years old. Are they really progressing with Cahill and Terry already in their 30s? In two seasons Luiz will be just like Terry. Also he did not force his way out. As an ardent watcher of Unai Emery, he sets his teams out in a possession style of play thereby requires his backs to be good with the ball at their feet. From pre-season, it was clear was Unai was angling towards. Thiago Silva and Marquinhos were his first choice centre backs. He merely gave Luiz a lifeline by fielding him against Monaco. All he got was a horrendous show, a dubious penalty given away and a substitution early in the second half. From that moment on it seemed clear he was out of the manager’s plans; PSG’s Joe Hart. So when Chelsea came knocking, PSG was only happy to open the door (window?). Definite Nay for me.
Another sticking point for me has to be Lucas Perez. Arsenal were playing Alexis Sanchez in that centre forward role which just went on to show how dire the need for an attacker was. After being linked to Higuaín, Lacazette, Mahrez and Vardy, they end up with Lucas Perez. The Spaniard scored 17 goals last season.it was a decent return but then it’s the Spanish League. Not that surprising considering the amount of space Spanish attackers usually have. A look at the numbers, shows you that of the 15 goals that Perez scored from inside the box, he had picked the ball from outside the box and proceeded with it to the box before shooting on 8 of these occasions. We all know how compact PL defending is. Where will he get the space? He’s also used to a counter attacking set up much like Vardy as opposed to a possession-based style of play which Arsenal is notorious for. It’s only the second time in the Spaniard’s career that he has reached double figures in terms of goals. Two season wonder maybe? To add to this, Squawka informs you that 12 of his 17 goals came before Christmas. He only scored 5 goals in the second half of last season. For a team that usually bottles it in the second half of the season, signing a player whose form dips at around the same time, when they need is their stars to show up is certainly not a wise signing. His stature is also not strong in the air and given the physicality of the league, I see him struggling. Di Maria is a notable victim of this physicality. However it’s not all glum for the new boy. He served up 8 assists showing his playmaking skills. He also has the ability to play out wide which will give his manager options and he is genuinely a lovely player to watch going forward.
To the one that really got tongues wagging. Moussa Sissoko. What a roller coaster this guy’s agent has had. To be honest he hardly sparkled to life at Newcastle last season with only 7 assists and a solitary goal which is why the club and his agent set his valuation at 15 million as he wasn’t looking to play in the second tier. The Euros were drawing to a close and yet no club had made a formal enquiry for him. So the man took the law into his own hands and used that starting spot in the Euro final to market himself. Going in for the tackles, winning the ball back decently before making 50 yard dashes wish Portuguese players bouncing off his burly body in the name of defending before blazing his effort over the bar. He did this about four times to the delight and roar of France supporters. Why? I don’t know. By the 30th minute he was spent, sweat running down his face. To his proposers, he was a man who was giving everything for his team. His agent must have been happy with his client putting himself out there. Little did he know Mike Ashley had other plans, slapping a 35m price tag on the Frenchman a few days later. No one was going to pay that right? Well deadline day madness came and reports were that Everton had agreed a deal in principle to pay the 30 million. Personal terms had also been agreed. However one hour to the end of the window, reports flooded in that Spurs and matched the Everton’s fee and it would now go down to the wire. Ronald Koeman phoned Sissoko to congratulate him on his move. To his surprise the call went unanswered. A room had been prepped at Merseyside in anticipation for his medical and with doctors on standby, a private jet had been fuelled and was taxiing on the highway, ready to deliver him to Merseyside: Dead Silence. A few minutes past the 11oo Hrs BST, Sissoko tweeted a picture of himself holding a Tottenham Hotspurs jersey. Wait I thought his phone had a problem? Moussa do you copy? Kudos for Everton for holding out the Enner Valencia announcement. In doing so, they seemed to have at least saved face.
In my opinion, he would have been an excellent signing for Koeman. Koeman is revolutionising Everton with big name signings. He’s strict on training regimes and a strict style of play with barrel chested midfielders. Sissoko would have been a perfect fit right here. At spurs not so much. My first problem with this is that this does not look like a Pochettino signing. Have we ever seen Mauricio sign a 27 year old player?  Pochettino has always insisted on youth and this deal seems kind of forced down his throat. Convincing me that David Levy sanctioned this move will be very difficult. Levy forking out 30million for a 27 year old? Come on! Moussa Sissoko or panic buy? I’m having problems distinguishing the two. This has got to be the biggest panic buy in recent history. How do you even start justifying this? Who does he bench? Definitely not Dier or that Monster Wanyama. Dembele is also on his way back. Sissoko played down the right at the Euros. Last season, he created 51 chances at Newcastle. In the same amount of games. Eriksen created about 150 and Lamela created around 100 chances. More than double what Sissoko did? Over to you Tottenham.
However it was not all glum on the last day. Wilshere to Bournemouth was the standout move for me. I’ve always had my (negative) reservations on Wilshere but this move might be just what he needs to re energise his career. Ten years on and we are yet to see the future of English midfield earlier promised. At Bournemouth he will get playing time. Eunan O’Kane has been chalked off on loan, harry Arter will definitely get his customary yellow card owing to dissent (read overzealous nature) , Surman seems to be in a rut leaving Wilshere to partner new signing 18 year old Lewis Cook in midfield. Exciting times indeed for the South Coast team!
13 clubs broke their transfer fee record. Whether the fans will be singing the names of the new signings or cursing their managers for brainless spending remains to be seen.

But who came up with that #POGBACK hashtag though? Yuck!!


The wheat has once again been separated from the chaff and for the umpteenth time the Three Lions find themselves on the lighter part, being blown by the wind, away from France. It seems the 50 year of hurt will continue. this is the worst defeat England has ever faced. To put it into perspective, Iceland has a population of about 330,000. 8% of their population was in Iceland. Their manager is a part time dentist. This is their first Euro as participants. Yet they gunned down a bunch of overpaid nonces as stated by British media.

However their victory was well deserved. they gave us a perfect rendition of a team sport. No stars in the team but everybody does their job and also stands up for the other; comradeship. There has been a real motivation within the team. They just cannot be shaken.

In the press conference before the game Hodgson stressed about how his assistant coaches had watched Iceland play Austria and how his video analyst had gone over numerous clips on their style of play. (he opted to go sailing instead of watching the Austria game mind you) therefore he knew their strength emanated not only from their set piece ability but from Gunnarsson’s long throw. So it came as a real shocker to see them concede in similar fashion…. The long throw, a flick on from the edge of the area with Rooney beaten all ends up and Ragnar(Lawthbrok?) guiding the ball past a hapless Hart. Walker failed to track his man and Hart failed to rush out in good time: basic closing down actually. According to the script we had, Iceland were at this point supposed to sit back and invite pressure. Surprise surprise when they threw the script out of the window and threw their players right up there… With Gylfi in particular playing God in the middle of the pack dictating play almost at will. The ‘mighty’ England panicked and sat deep allowing that beautiful ball to be sprayed down that right hand side. A quick passage of play outside the area before the ball was lashed past the ignominy we have who by the way apparently doubles up as the first choice England keeper.. Apparently. However Joe Hart is not the only one going to take credit for the goal despite playing a heavy hand in it(sic). The two centre halves stood rooted, as if amazed at Iceland’s passing ability in front of them. They were so undecided about who should go down for the tackle. The end result? A lot of space on the edge of the area for a quit set up and shot.
England has been facing opponents who have been simply put parking the bus and Iceland were not going to be any different. There was simply no space meaning England’s attackers were not going to go anywhere.

The Iceland commentator lost his head once again instructing England to leave Europe and go wherever they like. The Iceland Prime Minister declared today a public holiday. The joke going round is how England have left Europe twice in one week. Well Roy has also left England. He’s overstayed his welcome in my opinion. Hodgson’s four years will best be remembered for the huge overhype yet underwhelming performance that has been categorized with his tenure building up to major tournaments. Perhaps the only credit that can be attributed to him is turning the squad average from 30 to about 25. That’s just about it. Well that’s how far my keyboard allows me to go. In the three major tournaments he has only won three out of eleven games. Utter disgrace. To make it worse he resigned about 15 minutes after the final whistle. Is it possible he had already drafted his resignation letter prior to the match?? That would be a really cowardice act and resigning was a desperate attempt at avoiding blame.
In Hodgson, what England had was a very conservative coach. Too often scared to make a move that will elicit reaction. Harry Kane was a phenomenon last season don’t get me wrong but Roy’s decision to stick by him when Vardy and Sturridge were often offered peripheral roles yet they had already scored in France came as a real shocker to me. If a change works everyone praises you, take the risk!! Kane never showed up for this tournament. He will be remembered for his smart volley against Iceland and also for how many balls he lost blasting them into the stands. (I’d rather not regurgitate the set piece issue)
His decision to also take out Eric Dier and replace him with Wilshere was the most panicky sub I have ever seen. You take out England’s player of the tournament *future captain* and replace him with an alleged attacking player. Who barely featured for his club. England’s midfield was in shambles especially the last quarter of the game. There was no shape. The centrebacks were continously exposed because Wilshere simply can’t hold! He simply left too much space for balls to be threaded through for attackers.
What next for England then? Well the lack of a manager will hang above the FA like a cloud so the sooner it’s sorted, the better for everyone. My position from nine months ago has not changed. My money is still on Gareth Southgate. But we all know he won’t get it. Apparently he’s not ‘qualified enough’. I would really love someone to explain that fact to me. He’s not qualified enough to lose? That’s the part I don’t get. Sterling’s position in the team also needs to be identified. Roy didn’t seem to have a clue on his best position. Left? Right? Bench? Home?
The next manager better bring in the attacking injection that England is missing. So much potency at the front that Roy didn’t know how to work with. It’s time to move on from the possession without intent style of play.
The next manager also has to make up his mind as regards his first choice goalkeeper. Experience aside. Well if you keep making schoolboy errors there’s not much show of experience huh? Time and time again Hart’s has singlehandedly thwarted England’s hopes(pun). In the last three tournaments he has been at fault for at least one of the goals England have conceded with the latest proving no different. Against Wales and Against Iceland, Hart truly showed up. For how long will his carelessness cost a whole nation? Perhaps things would have been different had Jack Butland not got injured.
Another important point is on how to manage the youth. Rashford an 85th minute sub and England’s latest rave completed more dribbles than his entire team. Unreal! Care should be taken to strike the balance between youth and experience. But for now, I couldn’t differ with the “you’re not fit to wear the shirt.” chants that were going around the stadium at full time.

Sidebar : That Will Grigg tune is lit yo!!!